DAEOS DRL Harness for E90 BMW

Price: $59.99

If you own one of the E90 or E90 LCIs which do not have "daytime" running angel eyes, you have probably looked at the new models (sedans and coupes) with envy. Their angel eyes operate as Daytime Running lights. Their inner high-beams do not illuminate. It looks better, and it eats you up inside.



Install Guide



Works with 06 - 11 BMW 3 Series


BMW 325 (E90)  2006
BMW 328 (E90)  2007 - 2011

BMW 330 (E90)  2006
BMW 335 (E90)  2007 - 2011


You need the Daeos / Vista Harness

Our Dæos Daytime Angel Eye System Features:

  • Full installation guide, step-by-step instructions and toll free service
  • No cutting wires. No taking off wheels. No resistors. No dummy bulbs. No Drilling.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Professionally manufactured harness to prevent short-circuits
  • Heat-proof materials
  • Designed for all 2006-2008 E90 Sedans

Formerly known as the popular "Vista" DRL Harness, this item has been road tested by dozens of customers! 

Please note that if you do not have the option to disable your DRL lights on your iDrive or Turn Signal Stalk, a visit to the dealer may be required to de-program them. 

Please also note that on some models, an error code may be thrown only when the headlight switch is moved out of Automatic. This can be avoided by keeping the headlights in automatic or upgrading to the latest software from BMW.