RPI Ram Air Induction E90 E92

Price: $149.99



RPi's Ram Air Scoops converts your factory intake system into a ram air type. 
Other aftermarket induction kits mostly suck in hot air causing a loss of performance. The use of heatshields are not very affective as heat shields mainly work to block radiant heat. 

Utilizing the stock intake boxes, expect an 8-15whp gain with 70mph airflow.


This is for Red RPI air scoops, pictures are for installation only, Version Three. 

RPI Ram Air Induction Scoops for:

  • BMW E90 and E90 LCI/E92/E93 3 Series
  • BMW E90 and E90 LCI/E92/E93 M3



*** TAKES LESS THAN THREE MINUTES TO INSTALL*** all you need to do is remove the snorkel on top of the grilles and then remove the grilles and attach with the existing bolt (included) on point and the double sided tape on 1 side (included) 


1. remove grills
2. remove top intake duct
3. insert scoops from the grill opening as pictured. The inside tab will hook over the top of the intake hole (see picture)
4. insert top intake duct
5. Line up the scoop mounting hole with the intake duct, etc. Insert the OEM mounting pin. (This is a TIGHT fit. The hole on the scoop will be slightly wider towards the outside of the car. This is done be design so that you will have to push the scoop inward. This creates tension on the outside tab so that the scoop installs more securely)